Location 18121 E. Hampden Ave. | Unit C 610 | Aurora, CO. 80013

Adults with Disabilities

Employment is a keystone in the lives of adults with disabilities. It provides financial resources that lead to increased choices, and the feeling of accomplishment, and a sense of purpose, and belonging. 

Working is an important part of independence. People with disabilities have much to contribute, and The Urban Development, has partnered with Eden Care Facility LLC to bring prosperity and opportunity to those affected by developmental and intellectual disabilities. Through providing services approved by the State of Colorado, in that effort to achieve their employment, and life goals.

To learn more about the services Eden care offers, click on their logo to the right to access their website. If you would like to donate, proceeds will provide funding to this program cost and goals. Every little bit helps as we strive to assist those with developmental needs live a fulfilling and healthy life.